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Teaching Method

The Best Group Lessons ANYWHERE!

Why Group Lessons?

In my years of teaching experience, I’ve found that students in group classes progress more quickly and have more fun! In a group, you face challenges together­­. There is camaraderie, as well as the motivation to not get left behind. Group classes provide accountability and consistency­­ even if you have weeks where you are unable to practice at home, having a weekly group class means you can play for an hour during class time, and reminds you that you love music. Ultimately music is meant to be shared. It’s fun to play with others and it’s a wonderful way to meet new people who share a common interest. My classes allow for personalized attention, and I leave lots of time for questions.







You can expect:​

I’ll make sure you know the right way to hold and play your guitar. Students who learn to play from online videos often develop bad habits, because they have no one to actually look at their fingers and give them feedback. Every person and every guitar is different­­ I will help you build good habits that make it easy for you to enjoy playing.

Useful Frameworks
Learning to play songs by memorizing shapes is like learning to speak a language by memorizing sounds --­­ you can’t have a conversation! This is where my method is different. I incorporate bite­ sized pieces of music theory so that you can understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. This helps you learn much faster and gives you the freedom to own your guitar playing. If you’ve been playing for a while and feel “stuck”, discovering these frameworks can move you forward.

A Clear Path Forward
I will offer you clear and focused goals that build on each other. With so much information online, it’s easy to get distracted and spend a lot of time on truly ineffective practice. My job is to aggregate and contextualize the information for you and offer a clear path. You will complete each level with a set of concrete skills. This sense of accomplishment makes guitar playing even more fun!

All Exclusive Practice Videos/Online Course
Each level class is accompanied by its own online course where each lesson has instructional videos that are posted with any accompanying handouts after the live class takes place. The live Zoom class is also posted so you can rewatch the class. You can practice with me all week long, and if you miss a class, you can catch up with the videos.

Passionate Encouragement
Not only will I help you to get to where you want to go with music, I will also be your personal cheerleader every step of the way! I’m passionate about teaching… not about showing off. My focus is on YOU, meeting you where you are, and helping you get the most joy out of your guitar.


Online Guitar Lessons for Adults
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