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About Carrie Love

Carrie Love top-rated Guitar teacher for adults

Nice to meet you, I'm Carrie Love!

I’ve fallen in love with the process of helping working adults discover their inner musician, I do truly believe that everyone has what it takes to find joy in playing guitar! In my 10+ years of teaching music professionally I am increasingly excited by the power of teaching as its own art form.  I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of people (primarily working adults), from beginners to advanced guitar players, and I feel confident and passionate in my approach to your success!

I’ve been playing guitar and making music for over 35 years and yes, I do have tee shirts older than some of the members of our guitar family!  That said, what I hope to impress upon you in my introduction is not the number of bands I’ve played with (a bunch!), or the songs I have written (a whole lot!), but the joy I feel in helping others make music (unquantifiable!). And once you take a class I hope you’ll also be impressed by, or at least able to tolerate my awesomely bad puns! 

I started teaching at a point in my life where it was clear that we don’t live forever. Sometimes people just need the right support and encouragement to get over the hurdles to fulfilling their dreams and desires.  It is my honor to help you live into and actualize your musical potential, which will enable you to more greatly enjoy the gift of your life with music!  

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