Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks do sessions run and can I start mid-session?

All the group classes run in 8-week sessions. You are welcome to join a class at any point in the session, and can catch up with the online videos. If you are starting after week three, the sessions can be prorated based how many are remaining.

How long is each class and how much does it cost?

Classes meet once a week for an hour. The cost is $355 for each 8-week session.

I’m not sure I want to commit to 8 weeks without trying it, is that ok?

Yes, please come to class when a new session starts and you can pay just for the single class ($45). At that point you can decide if you want to commit to the whole 8 weeks.

Do I have to know how to play guitar to take lessons?

No experience necessary! I am happy to work with beginners of all ages.

I have been playing for awhile, but still feel I am missing some guitar skills, can you help?

Absolutely! A lot of people develop many of the physical skills of playing without understanding how music works and how to visualize the guitar to use it creatively. I love to help with this!

Do I need to have a guitar to take lessons?

Yes. If it’s a hardship to bring your guitar to class, please let me know and we can discuss. I have a few here to borrow, but you will definitely need one at home to practice.

Where are the lessons held?

All classes are in my beautiful studio called SoundSpace! located at 2141 Mission St Suite 204 (between 17th & 18th). One block from the 16th St. BART and very close to a ton of places to get food and shop!

What styles do you teach?

I focus on skills that apply to all styles of music. In class we do a lot of “classic” rock, pop and folk, basically songs I think most people will know. Ultimately the songs are all about learning and practicing specific skills. It’s a bonus if you enjoy the song, and the skills you'll learn will enable you to choose and play the songs you do know and love!

What if I miss a class (or more)?

Each class comes with its own online course where every lesson is reviewed in a video which is uploaded with any accompanying handouts after the live class takes place. This gives you the opportunity to review what happened in class, and if you miss a class you will be able to catch up with the video.

Do you have guitar recommendations?

Here are the names of a few models/brands that students have had that I've had an opportunity to check and give thumbs up to:
     Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar
     Yamaha F325
     Yamaha APX500
     Yamaha FS720S (smaller body)
     Seagull Entourage
     Taylor GS Mini (smaller body) *This is my main guitar at home - I love it!
     Taylor Academy Series (smaller body)
     Taylor makes a few smaller models, "baby or big baby"

I really encourage you to go try them out at a store and go with what feels good to you, just like love it doesn't have to make sense! I often recommend Guitar Center especially for beginners because they have a good return policy - after you've been playing a few weeks you have a better sense of what you want and then you may want to exchange it.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes, and it's the best guitar list around - please sign up here!

Do you offer refunds?

Once you have committed to the full session, there are no refunds. In special cases classes can be deferred but not refunded.

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