The Practice Club


The Practice Club
An 8-Week Online Workshop 

You'll be identifying specific playing goals and you'll get encouragement, inspiration and guidance to turn your musical desires into reality!

January 13 - March 2

This is great for both current students as well as for students taking a break between sessions who are wanting to stay motivated to keep playing. (often folks fall off the music wagon when not in class and have expressed disappointment with this) It's also great for students who can't make it to classes either because of time or distance - this is a GREAT way to stay connected and to keep learning!


In possibly THE MOST supportive environment you will learn:

• Get help sculpting your musical goals into attainable chunks for specific timelines

• Have a place with mandatory participation to keep you engaged and excited to play

• Continuous learning of skills & techniques

• Help and guidance with singing and playing (where applicable)

• A dynamic group experience (lots of cool people!)


This class is tailored to create a motivating atmosphere where you can experience identifying your playing goals and enjoying your progress towards them.

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