Guitar for Lifers! 

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Guitar for Lifers!
An 8-Week Workshop
If you've made it this far, you'll most probably be playing your whole life so why not REALLY start to understand what you're doing?

Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

May 14 July 9
No class the week of 5/25 (Memorial Day Weekend)

It's free to reserve a spot!

Learn to use (and understand) the whole fretboard
It's truly satisfying to be able to use the full neck of the guitar creatively!

In this class we focus on learning the whole fretboard- how to visualize, understand and get around so you can improvise, add to your playing and to be able to understand those songs & guitar parts that you're learning on youtube!

I'm really excited about a class that will give you the time and opportunity to USE the skills you've been developing while developing them further learning to use the full neck & potential of the guitar.

You'll walk away feeling confident in your playing (alone & with others!). 

In possibly THE MOST supportive environment you will learn:
chord voicings
chord progressions

ear training
rhythm techniques
melodic fills and soloing
playing/jamming with other people
...and more!

You’ll get personal coaching and group support on setting priorities for what YOU want to get better at!

Like all classes there is:

  • Help and guidance with singing and playing

  • A dynamic group experience (lots of cool people!)

*A Level 5 proficiency is required for this class. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this new class.

*Note: Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 
If you're nervous about committing to 8 weeks, you are welcome to try the first class to see if the class feels like a good fit.

If you're not sure that you're in the right level you can try a class of a different level at no additional cost - this takes the pressure off deciding! 

*Refund Policy:
Once you have committed to the full session, there are no refunds. 


*Special Offers: ​

• Refer a friend, and you each get $50 off! (With virtual classes, your friends can live anywhere!)
• Retake any class level for 50% off: $177.50 (except for Guitar for Lifers)


Much to my delight, we've been able to proceed with our weekly classes via Zoom. I've been able to offer exactly the same content as if we were in the same physical space. With the Zoom classes it's easy to see and hear me and the instruction (and the same bad jokes!) while I can also see you and make suggestions accordingly. 


COVID Sliding Scale Pricing. 
This session I'm offering "sliding scale" pricing.  The 8week class is being offered at the full price of $355.  If COVID has impacted your income, please feel free to take the 50% COVID discount: $177.50. If you have not been financially impacted by the COVID crisis then please know your full price payment helps someone enjoy making music! (And helps me to keep my business open!)


Register for free and try a class: 

All registration is free, if you haven't tried a Zoom class yet, come try the first class of the new session.  After the first class, I'll take a final registration and send you a payment link for the class.


An Accompanying "Online Course" comes with the class
Everybody loves the online course that comes with the "live" classes!  All the classes come with an accompanying online course.  This course is updated weekly with new videos that review what we go over in class, all the handouts are available for download, and any accompanying audio is there as well.  I often have the song we're working on slowed down to practice with.

Making music is awesome! I hope you can join us! 🤗🎸

Join in on the Guitar Revolution!

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