Guitar Level 1

Beginning Guitar Level 1
For Absolute/Very Beginners!

An 8-Week Workshop offered twice a week

It's free to reserve a spot!

Choose the day/time best for you:

Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
March 10 - May 5
Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm

March 11 - May 6


The Level 1 class is for **absolute beginners** - assuming you haven't played at all yet or very little, or a long time ago and you'd like to start over. We start from scratch!


In possibly THE MOST supportive environment you will learn:

  • The parts of the guitar

  • How to tune the guitar

  • Proper sitting position and how to hold the guitar

  • Approx 8 chords over 8 weeks while learning 8 songs to practice them with!

  • How to play “in time” and change between chords

  • Help and guidance with singing and playing

  • A dynamic group experience (lots of cool people!)

*Note: Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 
If you're nervous about committing to 8 weeks, you are welcome to try the first class for the single class rate ($45) to see if the class feels like a good fit.

If you're not sure that you're in the right level you can try a class of a different level at no additional cost - this takes the pressure off deciding! 

*Online-Only Courses

All Classes are also available to be taken "online only".
This is great if you are not able to join us is person. All online classes are 50% off the class cost. 

*Repeat any class level except for "Guitar for Lifers" (Upper Level Class) for 50% off

*Refund Policy:
Once you have committed to the full session, there are no refunds. 
Every class has its own password-protected online course created just for you! 

After each lesson I post a video that goes over the whole lesson, as well as the in-class handouts which are available for download. It's inevitable that people travel, get sick, have scheduling conflicts. When you miss a class or classes, the website enables you to keep up.


Join in on the Guitar Revolution!

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