Class Level Overview:

Please follow the link of each level for more information

For **absolute beginners** Assuming you haven't played at all yet or very little, or a long time ago and you'd like to start over. We start from scratch!


For people who know a few chords (C, Em, G, D, A, Am and E), can change between these chords (even slowly) and are just starting to strum (there is very little strumming in L1 - we start strumming in level 2). We also begin finger picking and learning to read tablature. 


In the Level 3 class we continue to work on strumming (adding more complex strumming), and we start to learn about the language of music and how it applies to our playing. Sometimes people take this class for the music theory even if playing is a bit more advanced.


The Level 4 class is all about embellishing chords. If you can strum in time and want to kick it up a notch (and understand what you're doing) this is a good level for you. We work with suspended chords and techniques to embellish both strumming and fingerpicking. We also continue our theory knowledge with learning how to harmonize the scale to build chord progressions. Sometimes people take this class for the music theory even if their playing is a bit more advanced.


The Level 5 class is all about learning, practicing and understanding barre chords! (as well as continuing to utilize all we've learned in previous levels) This is a big step in unlocking and being able to visualize the rest of the fretboard. Barre chords are physically challenging so we stay steady and intersperse the barre chords with a great fingerpicking song!


In this class we start to open up and utilize the whole fretboard.  We learn all the moveable chord shapes with their partial chord voicings and use this as the basis for deeply understanding the fretboard. You'll be able to play, embellish and improvise with the songs that you're interested in playing. (More info on class page!)


Have you been playing other people's songs and now you'd like to write your own?

Have you always wanted to express yourself in song? (More info on the Songwriting Page!)